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5 in 1 Air Sofa Bed for Ultimate Comfort

Want a furniture that easily fits in your tiny apartment? Want to have more spare space at home? 5 in 1 air sofa bed is an ideal solution for all your worries. 5in1 air sofa bed is one of the most comfortable and innovative inventions of the date.

This revolutionary 5 in 1 air sofa bed furniture can be used in five different ways i.e. Sofa, bed, lounger, recliner and as children high rise sleeper. Be it a sofa or bed, it can be used anywhere in living room, bedroom or in a guest room. Air sofa bed saves a lot of space in a room and can be adjusted anywhere very easily. It will provide you best seating solution while you have guest at home. Air sofa bed is a multifunctional furniture can be deflated or inflated as per your requirements. It gives you the choice of using it or to just keep it deflated when not in use or to save some space at home. With all these advantages and much more, this impressive air lounger is worth to be paid for. The product serves various sitting and sleeping purpose leaving a lot space in your room. It can also be used in your garden for camping or just to relax around the pool. It is a multipurpose sofa cum bed having different uses as per your requirement. It has the required durability and stability to be your first choice for home furniture where there is not much space for having different furnitures for different purposes. To experience all these things buy velvet branded 5in1 air sofa bed now !!.

5in1 Air Sofa Bed for All Purposes

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Use Air Sofa Bed In Different Ways

INR 3790/-

5 in 1 air sofa bed is a unique modern invention that provides high quality convenience of five different furnitures at one price. You can use it sofa or as bed the way you want to use like. It will be perfect for overnight guests, parties, sleepovers and visiting friends and family etc. Not just that, it can also be used in outdoors say in garden for camping or around the pool. Thus, it is very amazing device that not just helps in making it all more .

Benefits of Air Sofa Bed

Air sofa bed can be used in five different ways- as sofa, comfy bed, luxurious lounger, relaxing recliner, children high rise sleeper etc.

It can be used both indoor and in outdoors.

It can be inflated or deflated as per your requirements.

It is perfect to accommodate over night guest, visiting friends and family members.

Use it as luxurious loungers for watching movies and having small afternoon naps.

It will be an ideal addition to your living room, bed room or in guests room.

It save a lot of space in your room and can be adjusted anywhere with ease.

It is convenient to use and is very comfortable to sit or sleep.

5 in 1 air Sofa bed Velvet

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Air Sofa Bed Available in Three colors

INR 4390/-

5in1 air sofa bed also comes with an amazing velvety avatar. This fabulous product looks very beautiful and is also very comfortable. There are various different colors available for this furniture such as Orange, Blue, Green etc. It is great for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be quickly inflated or deflated as per your requirements. Unlike other stiff furniture at your home, it has got convenient folding design that can be folded when not in use and kept anywhere be at the back of your Almira or under bed at home.

Advantage of Velvet 5 in 1 Air Sofa Bed

Branded air bed with velvet cover.

It is provided with sturdy-pre tested vinyl and is powered with coil beam construction.

It can be quickly inflated with the Dual Action Turbo Power Pump.

It is provided with locked sleeping surface.

Used both indoor and in outdoors.

It has got convenient folding design.

You can also carry it while traveling.

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Air Sofa Bed Durability and Flexibility

5in1 air sofa bed is made up of 3mm rexine and is strong enough to withstand 600 pounds of weight at one go! The product is tested for its durability through rolling a road roller over the inflatable bed and nothing has happened to it. Thus, the product is quite strong and will last longer. It offers you a perfect relaxing corner at your home where you can lay down and spend some relaxing time yourself.